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Red Hot Kisses

Multiple Kisses

Some guys are lucky enough to get RED HOT KISSES from more than one woman at the very same time! For instance, these lucky fellows:

He's The Man!

Wow! One kiss after another after another...!
Stud gets MARKED UP by adoring women!
Christmas Kisses!
cute guy gets it from both sides!
more Christmas kisses
Kissed in the Kissing Booth!
cornered by gals in the kissing booth -- lucky guy!

Kiss-covered Stud!

go to it girls!
Is he going to be marked!

This handsome fellow posed as a pimp for a costume party and his "girls" all smothered him in lipstick kisses as his "trademark." In the picture below you can see their "trademarks" on his cheeks. He got even more kisses later on! -- Burt

what a stud!
This guy is marked up but good!
Marked Man -- Wow!
Two great big kisses!

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dedicated to the proposition that we all need a red hot kiss at least once in a lifetime.