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Red Hot Kisses

A handsome guy admires his RED HOT KISS!

You know how it is when you meet that certain lady that does things to you that no one has ever done before. You know you may not have her, need her, or want her for a lifetime, but if only you could get that one special kiss, that rip-roarin', mind-bending, extra-incredible, lipstickin' SUPER-KISS that you'll carry with you always and forever. Yeah, maybe you can't get a kiss on the lips because she's married or with a date, but at least she can buss your cheek and you HOPE she's wearing lipstick that'll come off because you want to wear her mark and have something to remember her by. And she kisses you and marks you and boy are you in heaven! You got a RED HOT KISS!
LADIES: You know you'll meet that guy who just knocks you out of your socks, that certain fella you just gotta smack, but maybe you're married or out on a date, but there's nothing that says you can't give the guy a "friendly" good-night kiss on the cheek, and maybe you'll deliberately put on fresh lipstick just before you kiss him so you can leave him something to remember you by, to kind of mark your territory, even if you never see him again -- you've marked him but good, right? And it's heaven, right? Cause you gave him a RED HOT KISS!

On the next few pages you'll meet men who have gotten RED HOT KISSES from women and women who have given guys RED HOT KISSES. You'll see some interesting, amusing, sexy photos and illustrations, featuring lots of RED HOT KISSES. They'll be happy kisses, sexy kisses, freindly kisses, New Year's Eve kisses, Halloween kisses, holiday kisses, St. Valentine's Day kisses, mistletoe kisses, lipstick kisses, digital kisses, composite kisses, virtual kisses -- and real RED HOT KISSES. And you'll read stories about RED HOT KISSES, too -- some real, some imaginary, all good fun! Enjoy!
Give -- or get -- a RED HOT KISS today!
And let us know what you think! And send us stories of YOUR RED HOT KISSES!

This site is brought to you by Candy and Burt Johnstone, who love to give each other RED HOT KISSES (although it's only Candy who leaves lipstick on Burt! Burt used to complain but now he LOVES it!) One or both of us will be commenting on the photos and other information on these pages devoted to RED HOT KISSES!
Our correspondents include Katie Myers and Bob Lyman, both experts on RED HOT KISSES. Katie's a doll and Bob's a hunk! They'll be commenting, too!

Photos on these pages are from our friends, associates, acquaintances, and off the web. If you see your photo here and don't  want it to be, please email us and we'll remove it asap. If you'd like to have your photo on these pages -- something that fits the "theme," of course -- send it in via email [ ] and we'll be happy to review it for possible use. Thanx! You can also let us know via email if you'd like us to contact you whenever we upload new material.
dedicated to the proposition that we all need a red hot kiss at least once in a lifetime.